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Our Mission is To give all talented and visionary entrepreneurs around the world an incredibly fertile soil (our Valley) where to sow their Projects and, through integrity and hard work, harvest success and wealth.


DEMETRA (or Demeter) is the ancient Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture, who presided over grains and fertility of the earth.


Demetra is a Reward based Crowdfunding Platform where entrepreneurs (the Creators) can post Projects from all kind of markets (from technology to film making), and exchange different perks and rewards, for different monetary pledges received from ordinary people (the Backers).


We believe in an ethic world, then we do not support: 1) Offensive material (e.g. hate speech), 2) Live animals, 3) Offering alcohol as a reward, 4) Financial and credit services, 5) Political fundraising, 6) Pornographic material, 7) Projects that promote discrimination or intolerance, 8) Weapons and replicas of weapons.