Realthium: Real estate Blockchain Revolution

Goal: 30.000.000 €

Campaign Expire: MAY 05, 2019

Short track

REALTHIUM is a revolutionary Idea.

All kind of Assets, and Real Estate assets in first place, can transfigure into “self managing entities”, able to autonomously interact with Humans and other Assets replacing transaction of ownership and titles with transactions of Values and Utilities. REALTHIUM is going to be a leading company in the new Internet of Values, built on top of the blockchain technology: Assets will market their services directly to Users through Smart Contracts, with no need for middlemen.

This is going to be the Internet of Values.

Facts and figures

STEP ONE – In the first phase we will acquire Real Estate assets to build up our proprietary Ecosystem while developing a Proof of Assets (PoA) protocol and an appropriate File System to track and audit ownership of assets, as a fundamental milestone to assure transparency and make asset digitalization efficient and straightforward.

STEP TWO – In the second phase we’ll develop state of the art Smart Contracts to enable Users and Assets to directly digitally sign contracts to exchange Unit of Services.

MOREOVER – Our Ecosystem will be enriched with technologies to track presence and usage preserving privacy and with an extra layer of switches and interconnected smart gateways to:

  1. govern access to utilities and services (e.g. telco services)
  2. properly and timely manage controversy or resolve abuses

By working within our Ecosystem we’ll skip interoperability of technologies issues at this stage of development.


A blockchain is a interconnected series (i.e. a chain) of blocks of data that contain past transactions occurred between network participants. These blocks are time stamped and cannot be modified without breaking the chain, thus making the attempt to corrupt the blocks (e.g. fake transactions), in theory, impossible (i.e. insanely expansive).

Think about a Lease Agreement, from prospecting properties (think about the fragmentation and overall lack of transparence affecting Multi-Listing Services) to physically taking possession of the property : it takes time and costs money, there’s the need to have trusted Parties (e.g. a notary) to certify the agreement is legal and enforceable, it’s prone to unilateral decisions with expensive remedy needed.

We will use Blockchain technology to completely disintermediate these kind of transactions, as they can be independently verified by the participating nodes of the network and automatically reconciled.

REALTHIUM aims also to dramatically improve the ability to manage ongoing lease agreements especially when it comes to governing cash flows and engage management services: blockchain based smart contracts will be a perfect match with the Internet of Things ecosystem we’re going to build, where our hybrid token will be used as the medium of choice to close transactions.

REALTHIUM is built on the Ethereum’s blockchain, and the basic reason for this is that plenty of teams around the globe are working hard to make the Ethereum environment more friendly to distributed applications (Dapps) developers.

We believe Ethereum will emerge as the leading infrastructure to build real world applications based on the blockchain.