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Our mission

To give all talented and visionary entrepreneurs around the world an incredibly fertile soil (our Valley) where to sow their Projects and, through integrity and hard work, harvest success and wealth.

Our Ambassador

DEMETRA VALLEY takes an epic innovation into crowdfunding marketplace, offering all hard working an talented people the opportunity to become an Ambassador, who actively raise funds to make Creators’ dreams come true.


Crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs (the Creators) can post projects from all kind of markets, exchanging different perks and rewards, for different monetary pledges received form ordinary people (the Bakers)


Realthium: Real Estate Blockchain Revolution

Funding Goal: € 30.000.000

Short track

REALTHIUM is a revolutionary idea.

All kind of Assets, and Real Estate first, can transfigure into self managing entities able to autonomously interact with Users and other Assets replacing transaction of ownership, usage or title  with transactions involving deliverable digital auditable Values.


We will use Blockchain technology to completely disintermediate these kind of transactions, as they can be independently verified by the participating nodes of the network and automatically reconciled. REALTHIUM is built on the Ethereum’s blockchain, and the basic reason for this is that plenty of teams around the globe are working hard to make the Ethereum environment more friendly to distributed applications (Dapps) developers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will receive a link to the pladging page from an Ambassador, click on it and land on the page. Read carefully the documents you’ll find on the Home section of the page. When You’re ready click on the Pledge section (top right of the page), fill in the form with the information requested, check the Accountability check box and move on with the payment. It will take 5 minutes.

Your card or your PayPal account are charged immediately at check-out.

No. You’re charged immediately, but you can withdraw your pledge within 14 days, no questions asked.

Your personal information are not discolsed to the public.

You cannot change your pledge, but you can cancel it within 14 days from the date your card was charged, with no question asked from us or the Project creator.

When your reward is ready, the Project creator will send you a survey via email to request any info needed to deliver your reward (e.g. mailing address).

If you send an inquiry to the Project creator after you made a pledge, and he’s not getting back in written form within 5 days, please shoot an email to retail_assistance@demetravalley.com and will reach out to the Project creator immediately for verification.

If you are a non-Ambassador backer, i.e. a Retail backer, and need further clarifications, please feel free to shoot an email to FAQ@demetravalley.com