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 What is ‘Crowdfunding’

Crowdfunding allow to normal people to be a part of big deal.   Small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture. Crowdfunding is a form of alternative finance estimated In 2015 in over US$34 billion. This modern crowdfunding model is generally based on three types of actors:

  • Creators – entrepreneur who believe in a new way to do things that post and share a project to invest.
  • Backers – ordinary people interested in to be a part af big deal
  • Ambassadors – talented and hard working people interested to become an independent fund raising professional


Our business model

In our Business model we charge Creators a fee based on the amount of funds through our platform, if any. We don’t charge Creators for the service of publishing their Projects on our platform. We don’t charge backers any fee to use our platform to make pledges or to interact with project Creators.