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DEMETRA takes an epic innovation into the crowdfunding marketplace, offering all hard working and talented people the opportunity to become an Ambassador, i.e. an independent fund raising professional that actively evangelize Big Ticket Projects seeking funding.

Your job is to engage, explain, educate, nurture, enchant and assist.

As a Fund Raiser, you’re daily duty is to have people, including Your down line, turning on about Projects by understanding their goals and how them being successful is going to be beneficial for everyone.

And when someone eventually decide to back a Project, that’s when the magic happens for You.

It will be a wonderful job and an incredibly empowering life experience so…

It will take short time for You to realize that Demetra is a special thing happening to Your life, right here, right now.

Through HARD WORK and DEDICATION, You will have the opportunity to reach the financial freedom You have only been dreaming about.

It will be a wonderful job and an incredibly empowering life experience.


What do I sell?

As an Ambassador, You sell no physical products, You promote Projects.

A Sale happens when person contacted by You decide to pledge money to a specific Project’s package and actually makes an on-line payment.


How to apply

For more info apply to the below form, we will call you back.